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CMU Hospital (China Medical University Hospital) opened in 1980. At first, there were only a few associations between TCM doctors and modern doctors. Most of them have only either TCM license or modern medical license. Very few doctors own both licenses.


In this department, each doctor has both medical licenses:

  1. Medical license (as well as medicinal system in modern countries)
  2. TCM medical license (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

With grants from Department of Health (Executive Yuan, Taiwan), several project are running to evaluate the efficacy of TCM by modern medical method.

The following fields are studied by our team members:

  • Evaluation of the bioavailability of Lactobacillus and its effect for reducing serum cholesterol
  • The comparison of traditional and modern medicine in treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus
  • Safety and efficacy of Bai Hu Tang in treatment of Type II DM: double blind randomizedly controlled trial.
  • Epidemiologic analysis of concurrent TCM and modern medication therapy in DM and renal disease.
  • Evaluation of efficacy of EOW1 for treatment of allergic rhinitis.
  • The cognition of commonly used herbs in Taiwan.
  • Constructing a web site for information of drug-herb interaction
  • Clinical application of the information of drug-herb interaction
  • Pulse analysis in rheumatoid arthritis
  • Evaluation of life quality in patients with cerebral palsy with integrative TCM and modern medical care
  • TCM therapy for atopic dermatitis


What is "Integration of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine"

In our department, each doctor has both medical licenses:

  1. Medical license (as well as medicinal system in modern countries)
  2. TCM medical license (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

All of us received well training in the China Medical University, and passed the national board examination. Thereafter, each doctor got the specialty licenses such as dermatology, endocrinology, or pediatrics.

In our OPD, patient will be suggested the suitable way to achive health smoothly.

  • Some patients are treated only with TCM herbs.
  • Some use only modern Drugs.
  • Some should receive modern Drugs for short period of time, and then shift to TCM herbs.
  • In those who have more severe illness, the combination use of modern Drugs and TCM herbs may be necessary.

Our members have the professional medical knowledge to make the optimization of traditional and modern medication.

Itching in Summer

In the opinion of Traditional Chinese Medicine, "wet" is related to skin discomfort such as recurrent blister, edema, or erosion.

Cleaning skin and keeping dry may reduce the symptoms.

Chinese herbs 金銀花, 連翹, 荊芥, 防風, 白蘚皮 are often prescribed to improve the condition.


Oral ulcer

Most people may have the experience of oral ulcer. Some may be bothered by recurrent symptoms especially those with short sleeping time or heavy psychologic stress.

Gan Lu Yin (甘露飲) is one of most commonly used treatment.

Tray Hou San (吹喉散) can be used locally to reduce discomfort in mouth.

Time interval between Herbs and Drugs
The concurrent use of modern Drugs with TCM herbs should follow the prescription of medical doctors.  Generally speaking, the two kinds of medication should be avoid to use at the same time.   Seperation at leat one hour is often suggested.

In special condition, drug-herb interaction still occurs if both are used on the same day.  For example, Danshen (丹參) may cause Warfarin to show over effect of anti-coagulation. Ginseng (人參) may cause hypoglycemic agent to reduce blood sugar to too low level.  Certain combination of Drugs and Herbs should be avoid.  If  concurrent use of both kind of medication is necessary for some reason,  the dosage adjustment is very important.

If you have further question about "drug-herb interaction," please ask your physician or pharmacist.  They will provide more information for you.
Health Care for Psoriasis

Some factors may worsen the symptoms:

  • Psychologic stress
  • Tired
  • Upper airway infection
  • Scratching skin
  • Medication, eg. anti-malaria or some anti-hypertensive agent
  • Alcohol, Betelnut
Avoid those factors, and the symptoms may be reduced soon.